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Siamo nella nuova zona pedonale di Via Roma..... unico albergo in Cuneo

PASQUA con noi. Menù dedicato con specialità della tradizione.

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Hotel Palazzo Lovera

The Lovera Palace Hotel is located in Via Roma 37, right in the historic centre of Cuneo. The town itself was founded in 1198, and the building goes back to the sixteenth century, when it was the home of an aristocratic family, the Counts Lovera di Maria. Through the centuries it has hosted many distinguished guests, Pope Pius VII and French King Francis I among them.

This Renaissance palazzo has been lovingly restored, bringing back to light its ancient features, and since 1998 it has been the venue of our 4-star hotel. There are fortyseven spacious rooms, and, in keeping with age-old traditions of hospitality, a choice of two restaurants. Guests can dine at the traditional Lovera restaurant inside the hotel, or at the Delle Antiche Contrade, where haute cuisine awaits them.

The hotel is affiliated to Abitare la Storia (Historic Homes), an association of elegant historic dwellings in Italy and elsewhere, which is sponsored by F.A.I. (Fondo Ambiente Italiano), the Italian Environment Fund.